Raffle for a ride

On friday the 24th of november there were  28 rides for raffle for a ride they were really cool and my favorite car was the lambourgini.

There was a really cool part at the start were all the stock cars came out and were doing races around the field and then came back in .

We had to do the roll so we went back to class did the roll and went back out to watch the cars.

My buddies sister got to  go to school in a wheel barrow and abby my friend got to go in the more FM car.

Millers dad was dressed as santa he had a huge rip in his pants he walked home holding the back of the santa suit.

I got to sit in a helicopter even though it wasn’t moving leah my mate got to go on a red quad bike and she almost spun off it it was cool.

Abby took Sumayah and Zoe as the people that she picked. They went to Mc Donald’s and got pancakes and were on the radio .

I got to sit in a car and toot the horn it was cool but then I had to get out my favorite part was the drifting that the stock cars did.

Peter Rees didn’t even bring his super stock it looks way better and is way louder then the one he takes to speed way.




My Holiday P.M.I



I got my efpos card

I went to Wellington

I  got to go to my cousins


The holidays finished to early

It rained lots

My speaker stopped working on my I-pod touch

I couldn’t get new bars for my scooter

My basket ball hoop fell over


I realised that my key was at school all holidays and I was locked out of my house

There was a hobo by wild bean cafe

I sprayed my bag purple

There was a man that was a drug addict outside my door of the car when I tried to get in

I went to wellington





My 4 flags


Yellow is for the gold in colombian land

blue is for the ocean

Red is for the blood spilled attaining freedom



Sri Lanka

The green stripe represents Sri Lanka’s minority Muslims and the orange stripe the minority Hindu Tamils

The yellow represents Buddhism and the crimson stands for a long life

The golden lion is an ancient symbol of the people and the sword is a symbol of authority

The pipul tree leaves are a Buddhist symbol and come from the tree, under which Gautama is said to have received enlightenment and become Buddha



The red on China’s flag symbolizes the revolution and the fact that the political power of China was achieved through the bloodshed of revolutionary martyrs who fought heroic struggles for the revolution

The big star is said to represent the Communist Party of China; while the four smaller stars are said to represent all of the ethnic groups that make up China


Czech Republic

This flag is identical to the flag of former Czechoslovakia uses the pan – slav colors inspired by the 19th century flag of Russia

Term 3 highlights …

Production because it was fun and we worked on it for ages.

Flags because we have a really cool trophy and i’m getting faster every time we play.

Coming 3rd = in Basketball we had an awesome coach he taught me lots about it and I had a great time doing it.


My performance in the production was …

Exciting, Fun and Really Cool

I think I did really well my dancing was alright but in the end it was the best Russell Street School production yet.



Confidence, Creativity, Respect and Time management how did I go.


I think that I showed Confidence and Creativity this term we have done lots of arty things that have been Creative. My Time management was a little bit off but I’m working on it. My respect has been good this term I got in trouble for talking to much but I got moved so now I can’t talk as much because there aren’t as many people to talk to where I sit.


Next term I look forward to …

GRADUATION and lots of FUN

I have had a great year this year and it almost over I can’t wait until all of the things

planned next term.


Last night was the Russell Street school production. The bus got here at 10 to 9 in the morning.We walked down the driveway to the bus and we went to the Regent on broadway as a practice before the big night. We had a normal practice and then a dress rehearsal.The first practice was horrible the music wasn’t right the timing was off and we started before everyone was on stage. The second time was OK except our timing was still a little off and we couldn’t get changed because the lights were not on and we couldn’t see anything.

Now the real thing I was dropped off on broadway not king street where we were supposed to be dropped off because I got Subway.The regent was packed I walked in the back door and went to my dressing room. We had to get our makeup done for the last dance. We waited and waited and waited it was boiling hot. There was no windows or fans so the hallway was packed with people that were trying to get in the cool air instead of a boiling hot dressing room. We had to wear all black clothes so it wouldn’t look funny under our dresses. I was so Excited about it. I had to remember quite a lot, I thought my head was about to explode. We went on had loads of fun and it was over so fast I can bearly remember doing the dance or the rugby item. But I had a good time.